Details of the Salesforce Exam Prep

Here our team is going to guide you in some more detail on Salesforce Exam preparation.

Details of the Salesforce Exam Prep

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1. General Housekeeping items as we Get Started
2. Lightning Experience User Interface Overview
3. Setup Menu Tour
4. Organization Setup

  • Setting an Organization’s Fiscal Year
  • Setting an Organization’s Business Hours
  • Organization Currency Management
  • Enabling Advanced Currency Management
  • Setting a Currency on an Opportunity
  • Organization Default Settings
  • User Interface Settings
  • User Management Settings and GDPR
  • Search Settings
  • Creating and Filtering List Views
  • Creating Kanban List Views
  • Customizing a Home Page Layout
  • Themes and Branding

5. User Setup

  • User Setup Introduction
  • Creating a New User
  • Creating Multiple Users and Assigning Licenses
  • Resetting a User Password
  • Resolving Locked User Accounts
  • Activating and Deactivating a User
  • Freezing a User
  • Logging In as Another User
  • Salesforce Mobile App for User Administration

6. Security and Access

  • Security and Access Introduction
  • Organization Password Security Controls
  • Network Access and Setting Trusted IP Ranges
  • Login IP Ranges
  • Trusted IP Ranges vs. Company Login IP Range
  • Login Hours – What happens at 5:01 PM?
  • Identity Verification and History
  • Profiles Introduction
  • Profile Object Settings
  • Profile Tab Settings – On, Off and Hidden
  • Creating a Custom Profile
  • Custom vs. Standard Profiles
  • Roles and the Role Hierarchy
  • Editing the Role Hierarchy
  • Setting Organization Wide Defaults
  • Profiles vs. Roles
  • Sample Exam Question #1
  • Enhanced Profile List Views
  • Permission Sets
  • Profiles vs. Permission Sets
  • Sharing Rules
  • Manual Sharing
  • Field Level Security
  • Public Groups
  • Folder Security